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Regan Black

Post by Regan Black on Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:24 pm

Name: Lady Theodora Regan Black
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Homeworld: Mars
Allegiance: Herself, her family, and then finally the Court of Mars

Physical Description: Regan is a slender girl, still growing into her figure.  Her natural hair colour is brown, though she does on occasion change it to whatever is on trend at the time, and her eyes are brown.  She has spent enough time under UV lamps to have achieved what passes for a tan on Mars, mostly as a show of wealth rather than down to any personal preference, and enjoys flaunting her family's money by dressing in the finest clothes available.  She quite often has a mischievous smile on her face.

Personality: On the surface, Regan is a happy-go-lucky teenager, with rather more freedom than her elder siblings.  She is friendly and outgoing and loyal to those who have earned her trust, something rarely given - although she is cheerful enough, she is not naive.  Beneath the facade lies a mind like a knife, and a girl who is very aware that she will have to fight tooth and nail to earn a place in the Court.  She is constantly alert for ways to steer herself, and her family if possible, to a higher standing in society, preferably at the expense of someone else.

Brief Character History:

"The First Child of Mars."

Not many people have their birth heralded across two worlds.  Regan was one such person.  Her parents had been amongst the first to move to the Red Planet - her father, having amassed a fortune by investing wisely in robotics back on Earth, leapt at the opportunity to join the elite society forming on Mars and was one of the first members of the new aristocracy to set foot on the world.  The self-styled 'Lord of Robotics', he invested massive amounts in terraforming and founded the Duchy of Elysium a safe distance away from the volcano, Elysium Mons.  He brought with him his wife, the newly-minted Duchess of Elysium, and their two children, Justin and Cordelia.  Unbeknownst to any of them, the new Duchess was pregnant.

Thus, scant few months after the Duchy was founded, Theodora Regan was born, the first child to be born on the planet and therefore, at least in her doting father's eyes, the first true citizen of Mars.  He ensured her name would be across all the media, thrilling to know that he, a man who had worked his way up from the factory floor, had achieved this.

Over time, the wealthy elite of Earth moved and Mars became littered with similar fiefdoms.  Despite holding the title of Duke - one of the many Dukes of Mars - Lord Black found it difficult to achieve true power in the Court.  His money was 'new money', made over the course of a lifetime by hard work and luck, looked down on by those who had inherited more money than one person had any right to lay claim to.  Regan, the first Child of Mars, found her fame lessening as the true aristocrats arrived and more children were born.  As the family became involved in politics - her brother Justin making friendships to help propel the family name skyward when he became Duke, her sister Cordelia betrothed to 'old money' to bring some respectability to the name - Regan grew to despise those who despised her.  As a child, so much younger than her siblings, it was easy to cause trouble and get away with it.  No one would believe such a petite thing was capable of this, and Regan used the foolishness of others.

Political strife and the ongoing one-upmanship became the name of the game, a game Regan knew she could play.  As the youngest child, there was nothing left that her father could give, except his unconditional love.  Justin was to inherit the business, the duchy.  Cordelia was to be married off into blue blood.  Regan was kept, a treasure for the novelty of her birth.

She spent her time watching, learning the ways of the society that was still growing, understanding the unwritten, unspoken rules of the most dangerous game: Court politics.

The destruction of Earth meant little to her, though it caused devastation to those who had come from there.  She had hoped one day to visit it, of course, but to Regan, Earth was simply another speck in the sky, a curiosity that she had simply studied.  While everyone else focused outwards on the tragedy, she kept her eyes on the prize - determined that her family, or more specifically, that she would achieve true power on Mars.  As the fallout of the war shakes up the Court, she waits for her chance.

Now eighteen, she is able to move more freely about the duchy and beyond her parents' watchful eyes.  Her piece has finally been placed on the board: now it is Regan's time to play the game, and she intends to win.
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Re: Regan Black

Post by Katrina Delain on Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:29 pm

Welcome, Regan!
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