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The Timeline

Post by Katrina Delain on Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:44 pm

2092 - Luna Dome established within the Sea of Tranquility as part of an international mission. It is the first permanent human outpost on any celestial body beyond Earth.

2096 - Sol-Tec formed on Earth.  

2097 - First alien relics discovered on the surface of the Moon. Expansion of Luna Dome begins, with the intent of creating a specialist research station.

2098 - Unified Earth Government formed by UN resolution. Holdouts are compelled to join through threat of force - "Humanity must stand united in the face of an alien threat," declares Consul Sebastian Delain.

2099 - Sol-Tec commence construction of Sol-Tec Station, in orbit of Venus. The Station is to be powered by a vast array of solar panels that would theoretically provide more power than a nuclear reactor.

2099 - As a grand gesture of humanity's capabilities, the UEG commence the colonisation of Mars. Robotic labourers and terraformers are dispatched to the red world to prepare it for the first colonists, who include some of the richest people on Earth.

2102 - Additional alien relics discovered on the Moon.

2103 - Expansion of Luna Dome continues, with the Dome starting to become a centre for all scientific studies, not merely those relating to the relics.

2104 - UEG eliminate the last significant conflicts on Earth.

2105 - Sol-Tec formally confirmed as the largest corporate body in existence. They have involvement in every human colony, as well as their own Station above Venus and significant interests in Earth's shipyards.

2106 - Having consolidated their power on Earth, UEG look to the threats beyond the Mars/Jupiter Asteroid Belt and announce the construction of a fleet of warships intended to pierce the belt and eliminate anything which might be a threat to humanity. The shipyards above Earth, already vast, are expanded upon and turned to the construction of warships instead of colonisation vessels.

2110 - Luna Dome becomes the source of unprecedented technological marvels as the greatest minds of history work together to unlock the secrets of the relics and invent new technologies for mankind.

2112 - Mars, now inhabited, begins to form its own unofficial government beneath the auspices of the UEG. Given the percentage of the population who inherited their vast wealth, they unsurprisingly choose to emulate the royal courts of old Europe, with each family declaring their land to be their personal fiefdom. Those human inhabitants who are not vastly wealthy soon find themselves relegated to being second class citizens.

2115 - After almost ten years, the fleet is launched amidst great celebrations. These lavish ceremonies prove to be too much for a population that struggles with poverty and deprivation, and uprisings begin to occur even as the ships begin their mission.

2116 - Open revolution begins on Earth. The UEG responds with full military force, but are unable to contain the numbers that are against them. Requests for assistance are sent to the fleet, the colonies and Sol-Tec. Sol-Tec and Luna Dome declare themselves neutral. Mars declines to respond. As the fleet commanders prepare to respond, mutiny breaks out aboard the fleet as elements of the crews with revolutionary sympathies reveal themselves, and the fleet turns upon itself in furious battle. Realising that no assistance is coming, and at risk of being overrun, Consul Delain persuades the UEG to utilise NBC weaponry. The revolutionaries counter with nuclear weapons of their own, resulting in the annihilation of the UEG headquarters and the devastation of much of Earth. In the aftermath of the nuclear exchange on Earth, the fleet drifts apart, with elements heading to each of the colony while the core continues on toward Ceres.

2117 - The fleet elements arrive at their destinations, with various ships declaring allegiance to Mars, Earth, Luna Dome and even Sol-Tec. Other elements decide to engage in piracy or raiding rather than declaring for any of the factions, while the remainder of the fleet declares its loyalty only to their mission. Aided by the communications networks of the loyalist ships and the remaining shipyards over Earth, the remnants of humanity on Earth begin their struggle to form a new society from the ashes of the UEG.
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