Alexander Drake

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Alexander Drake

Post by Stealthfox on Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:09 pm

Name: Alexander Drake
Gender: Male
Age: 53

Physical Description:He's a lanky man, middle aged, with long black and grey hair. His eyes are storm grey and wild, and his skin pale in the lights of most ships.

Personality:Tends to be erratic and spontaneous. At one point thinking to do one thing, and the next doing something entirely different. Tends to be an old soul though, given to teaching the younger folk how best to live their life, despite his own failures.

Brief Character History:
Alexander Drake was once a name renowned for innovations, wonders, and miracles. The father of most tech seen today, given freely for no other reason than the challenge. Then he saw what that wrought. He saw what man made. And it drove him mad.

He threw away all his titles, all his achievements, all his attachments in life. He instead threw himself into the farthest reaches of the verse, happily tinkering away at whatever pleased him. Until they came, and found him in his half delirious state. And they brought the mad man back.

Now some of his innovations are accredited to others, his plans taken, and all but his freedom stolen. But he's still that mad old man on the fringe, happily tinkering away and accepting any company along the way, for good or ill.

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Re: Alexander Drake

Post by Katrina Delain on Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:13 pm

Welcome, Master Drake Smile

Katrina Delain
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