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Nik Rillians

Post by Nik Rillians on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:27 pm

Name: Nik Rillians
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Homeworld: Earth
Allegiance: Titan Expedition

Physical Description: Nik stands at six foot on the nose. He has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and pretty average looks.

Personality: Whimsical, loyal to a fault and known for speaking his mind. Quick with a joke and a smile but utterly dedicated to the Fleet and its mission.

Brief Character History:
Born in Scotland, in what was the former United Kingdom. Nik grew up in Glasgow and is the eldest of five. His parents, Alan and Jacqueline, were what would be considered working class, with menial jobs to provide for their children. His life was a standard affair, school and high school but life on the ground never sat well with him. He wanted to be out among the stars and had always been fascinated by space travel and the great warships being built.

As soon as he came of age, he signed up with the UEG Navy. His training would begin at Braxton Heath, a former RAF flight school in England. It was there he began learning the intricacies of life in the skies. He had a feel for flying, scoring high on his simulator tests and it wasn't long before his terrestrial flight training was complete.

As he took his first assignment the world around him was changing, civil unrest breaking out in small pockets across the globe and it wasn't long before his squadron was assigned to air support for the UEG ground forces. He performed his duty and found his star rising, from ensign to lieutenant in these brief and bloody quells. Far above the planet on the verge of tearing itself apart the Titan Expedition was nearing its completion, ready to set forth on its singular mission to protect Humanity from whatever might lurk beyond.

He was called up for that very Expedition, being assigned to the new interceptor squadrons that would serve in protecting the fleet and more specifically the colossal battleship Bellerophon. So began his life in space and the start of their journey across the solar system. What lay ahead of them, none could have imagined.

It started with gunfire in the hallways, the bulkheads of the ship rattling under his feet as he sprinted to the hangar. Unsure of what was going on, all he'd heard as he took up his sidearm was the word 'Mutiny' and an order for all pilots to get in their birds. The interceptor slipped from her berth into the fray.

Silence engulfed him, little more than the sounds of his own breathing and the warning sounds from his cockpit console. All around him the void had become death and fire. Ships burst into hyper accelerated shrapnel without a sound. The laser lances of the Bellerophon cut a swathe through those arrayed against her, like a heated blade it met little resistance until it slammed against the shields of another Battleship.

How small he felt, how insignificant in his tiny fighter. Darting through this ocean of behemoths and titans, using what little skills he had to keep one step ahead of the reaper. Guns firing, skimming meters above the hulls of Cruisers and Battleships. He and his squadron did their duty that day, they held their ground but it was not without cost. When the order came, the cease-fire that silenced the guns in the shattered remnants of the Titan Expedition, their battleground had become a graveyard. The flickering husks of capital ships quietly dying, the frozen corpses of people he had called comrade, all of it was given to the black.

He wasn't privy to the particulars of the cease-fire but they were told, all of them, that the Earth was gone. A nuclear wasteland swallowed by rebellion. They had a choice, the Admiral had spoken over each ships com-system. They could leave or they could stay true to their mission and go forward.

Rillians made his decision there and then.

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Re: Nik Rillians

Post by Katrina Delain on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:37 pm

Love it, Nik Smile

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