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Post by Elise Veicht on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:15 pm

Name: Elise Maria Veicht
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Homeworld: None (Born in orbit of Earth, so considers herself to have been born in space)
Allegiance: Elise.

Physical Description:
Elise is a striking young lady, and awareness of this fact is evident in the confidence of her movements and manners. Her hair, a shade that can seem to vary between near red and blonde dependent upon the light, is long and flowing, and provides a contrast to her pale, unblemished skin and delicate features.

Her height is perhaps a shade below average, although the force of her personality means that few ever realise this, whilst her body is slender and athletic, though not lacking a few curves that are most assuredly accentuated by carefully chosen and decidedly non-regulation attire.

But despite all this, it is Elise's eyes that are her most noticeable feature. Or, rather her eye, for one was lost and she now wears a simple patch of black across the wound. The remaining eye is brilliant blue, and burns with an intensity that borders on the brink of insanity.

Mercurial to the extreme, Elise is an enigma even to those who know her best, flipping from manic mirth, to morbid melancholy, to murderous malevolence without even the slightest provocation. Worse still, her regard for her fellows borders on sociopathic and she wouldn't balk at allowing someone she knew to die, or even killing them herself, if they stood between her and her prize.

Despite this, she is a charismatic woman, and rarely has trouble in swaying others to her point of view through a combination of subtle manipulation and carefully chosen worlds. She also has a undeniable eye for void warfare, albeit a ruthless one, and this too has earned her more than a few followers.

Ultimately, however, Elise is, at her heart, a selfish young woman who seeks nothing beyond her own power and pleasure.

Brief Character History:
Born to a family of German born labourers on the orbital shipyards above Earth, Elise did not have a charmed childhood. Her family didn't have the resources to offer her everything she wanted, or perhaps even everything she needed. Nor did they have the time to spare to watch over her through those early years. Perhaps if they had, the might have noticed a few quirks in Elise's behaviour a touch sooner; they might have noticed how her emotions flared so much more brightly than those of her peers, and so much more easily. They might have noticed how little she cared when others were hurt, if she even noticed at all. But they didn't. Or couldn't.

Eventually, of course, someone had to notice. It was a teacher, one of the few that Elise hadn't been able to manipulate almost instinctively. Concerned by Elise's behaviour, she called a conference. Tears were shed, and angry words were exchanged, but ultimately a specialist was summoned frrom Earth. Test after test followed, and eventually a diagnosis offered; damage and abnormal development in the hypothalamus. Congenital, perhaps, or the result of birth and upbringing away from the cradle of life. It could have been mere random happenstance.

Ultimately, the cause mattered little. A plan of action had to be agreed for the good of all involved, and one seemed to stand out amongst all of the options; the UEG were crying out for soldier cadets. The hard discipline of the academies might help her, they reasoned, and she was certainly bright enough to thrive within the UEG.

So it was done.

The years that followed were unremarkable. Having learnt from her past mistakes, Elise was careful to conceal her almost sociopathic tendencies, and carefully sculpted the image of a near perfect officer candidate around herself. That wasn't to say that she behaved as she should, no, far from it; it was just that others always seemed to conveniently take the fall whenever one of her illicit activities went awry. More than one rival of Elise's washed out that way, their records destroyed by activities they hadn't even been involved in or hadn't even known existed.

Shielded from her sins by these unwitting scapegoats, Elise graduated near the top of her class and was assigned to the Battlecruiser Cassandra as a Lieutenant on the tactical station. There, under the perceptive eyes of the distrustful Commander Cermak, her activities were curtailed somewhat; wherever she went, he seemed to be there. Watching. Waiting for her to slip up. All her manipulation, all her carefully chosen words, they were for naught. At least, with Cermak they were. But others listened, as they always did when Elise spoke. And so, in the end, she found herself forced to sit back and wait for the opportune moment.

That moment came when the fleet self destructed. While Earth burned and the ships of the fleet turned upon one another, Elise seized her moment - Cermak left the bridge under his XO, Lieutenant Edare, while he tried to establish contact with Fleet Command and Earth. Edare was loyal, but he wasn't as perceptive as Cermak. Certainly, he didn't see Elise coming; didn't see the flash of her knife as it came flashing up to slice into his stomach. And while Elise finished Edare, her compatriots seized the rest of the bridge. Other key parts of the ship followed; by the weapons batteries, the reactor rooms, the shuttlebays. One by one they fell, the ship engulfed in a silent civil war of its own as those loyal to Elise fell upon those loyal to the UEG.

In the end, all that was left was Cermak. Alone in his quarters, he should have been an easy target. Should. But someone had warned him, and when that first figure burst into his quarters he was ready, neatly decapitating them with a cossack's blade he'd previously hung upon his wall. The next fared little better, and by the time Elise entered the room herself two further corpses had been added to the pile. She couldn't have cared less. Joining the fight with her own bloodstained blade, she pushed the weary and wounded captain back, before, finally, eventually feinting for a murderous strike. Cermak saw through it, as he always had, but just a moment too slow; his blade came up to riposte, to kill, and Elise felt unspeakable agony spearing through her head, but not before her own blade planted itself firmly in the Commander's throat.  

Blood pouring from her ruined eye, the young traitor tore the rank pips from Cermak's corpse and set them upon her own uniform, before lurching from the wrecked room toward the bridge. There, swaying from fatigue and blood loss, she ordered the Cassandra to make full speed out of the battle, to spear into the empyrean and away from those who depended upon her.

In the days and weeks that followed, Elise consolidated her hold upon the Cassandra, now rechristened the Erys. Dozens were slain, their corpses pitched out the airlocks to float through the ebon void until gravity took pity upon them and they were incinerated in the atmosphere of one world or another. And with the guns of the Battlecruiser, Elise was free to pillage the spacelanes, to ravage the Sol-Tec transports that ran between the colonies.

And so it was that Elise Veicht became the person she had always been destined to become.
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