Important Locations

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Important Locations

Post by Katrina Delain on Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:56 am

Venus Region

Sol-Tec Station

The headquarters of the Sol-Tec Corporation and their crowning glory, this sprawling, kilometres wide space station is the primary human installation in orbit of Venus. Orbitally locked so that it always remains just on the planet's dark side, the station is powered by vast arrays of solar panels that stretch out below the station to creep out of the planet's shadow (and have led to some nicknaming the station the Jellyfish), and also by over a dozen redundant fusion generators which ensure that business never has to stop.

Within the station, luxury competes with functionality; nexuses of dull, featureless corridors collide in grand atriums filled with artwork from ancient earth and sculptures by the leading artisans of the modern day, while boardrooms with plush carpets and gargantuan desks made of the rarest of woods sit above dull, grimey chambers where mechanics work upon damaged ships.

The station also features numerous hangers for Couriers and Interceptors, along with a recently constructed berth for the elements of the fleet which defected to Sol-Tec, while defensive batteries and shield generators are spotted along the gleaming silver hull of the station.

Earth Region


Site of the UEG headquarters, Geneva was hit more heavily during the civil war than any other location. It is now little more than a crater, and the most heavily irradiated site on the entire planet. Despite this, rumours persist of secret UEG bunkers that still remain intact below the crater.

Orbital Shipyards

Once humanity's greatest creation, dwarfing even Sol-Tec station, the shipyards of Earth were capable of working on ten battleships and multiple cruisers at any time. However, during the war the vast shipyard network was heavily damaged by conventional and nuclear weapons fired by both sides, as well as sabotage by certain elements of the UEG military as it became apparent that the rebels were going to seize control. Now, massive stretches of the shipyard are missing, while still larger sections are so badly damaged as to be unusable. Of the tattered segments which remain, several are without power entirely, while others are forced to choose between being operational or having functional point defences, although the rebel remnant faction left aboard have started repair efforts.

Luna Region

Mare Tranquillitatis

Mare Tranquillitatis, or the Sea of Tranquility, is where Luna Dome itself is created. One of the larger of the lunar basins, it is nonetheless now filled with the linked dome complexes of the dome and the other facilities which have been constructed to facilitate the march of scientific progress. From above, the Sea appears to be nothing so much as a veritable sea of lights.

Luna Dome

Despite the name, Luna Dome is actually now a complex of interlocked Domes and facilities built around the eponymous Luna Dome itself. The original Dome remains one of the larger facilities, though it is certainly not the largest in the complex, with several of the newer domes having surpassed it in size thanks to advances in construction technology. But the visible complex is not all that there is to Luna Dome; no, bunker facilities stretch deep into the Luna Surface, and it is within these that the relics of the precursors are studied. The entire complex is almost constantly covered by the shimmering field of an extremely powerful shield, while defensive batteries are scattered across the basin floor.

Oceanus Procellarum

The Oceanus Procellarum, or Ocean of Storms, is where the first precursor artifacts were discovered. A vast ocean basin that seems to sit in perpetual shadow, the Ocean is now home to a secondary dome complex that is dedicated to uncovering further precursor artifacts for Luna Dome to study.

Mars Region

Olympus Mons

Atop the spire of Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system, the Court of Mars was founded. Here, in a expansive facility that appears more a palace than anything else, the Lords and Ladies of the Court plot and scheme against one another. Frequent balls and gatherings are held within the cavernous, marble lined halls and atmospherically shielded gardens of the Court, whilst a scattering of duelling grounds are spread across the palace. Defensive emplacements and shields have been carefully built into the palace, with particular diligence taken to ensuring that not a single emplacement breaks the carefully crafted aesthetic vision.

Elysium mons

Another of the great mountains of Mars, Elysium Mons has been claimed as the estate of Lord Black, the self proclaimed Duke of Elysium. Extensive effort has been made by the Duke to replicate the rolling green countryside within the atmospherically shielded bubble of his estate, and numerous animals roam the greenery. In juxtaposition to this, a number of robotics factories are scattered across the outskirts of the estate. The Duke's manor house is constructed in the traditional regency style of Earth, and has been lavishly decorated with the very finest things the Duke's money could buy.

Ceres Region

MMP Haephaestus

Last of the Mobile Manufactory Platforms, the Hephaestus is a vast mobile shipyard capable of berthing practically any other vessel in the fleet. Large portions of its bulk are dedicated to breaking down debris and asteroids for the valuable resources contained within, while other sections are dedicated manufacturing yards which transform those reclaimed resources into practically anything the fleet might demand.

Since the fleet's arrival at Ceres, the Hephaestus has been in fixed orbit over the planetoid, whilst the majority of the Titan Expedition fleet has formed a defensive screen around it.

Other Locations

Scavenger Station

Located at the site of humanity's only real space battle, the Scavenger Station has been cobbled together from the debris of that terrible battle. A large section of ruined battleship forms the bulk of the station, though portions of numerous cruisers and battlecruisers are also visible beneath layers of crude modification and repair. Within, a large section of the Station have been given over to a vast bazaar wherein numerous banned or restricted items are traded by the more nefarious of the system's denizens, whilst other sections have become bars, bordellos or other such immoral areas.

There is no real leadership aboard the station, beyond that of the loose consortium of pirates, gangs and criminals who have made it their home as civillisation has collapsed. However, even this loose consortium has some considerable power, for though the vast majority of the weapons aboard those ships which make up their station are inactive, enough remains to ward off any would be attackers.

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