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Ship Types

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Battleship - The largest warships produced by humanity, these kilometer long vessels are both heavily armed and armoured. Bristling with fearsome batteries of mass accelerators, torpedo launchers and broadside laser-lance batteries capable of stripping away a lesser warship's armour and shielding with little difficulty, they are an imposing, if thankfully rare, sight in the solar system.
Usage - Only the Titan Expedition and Earth Remnants currently have access to Battleships.
Crew - Approximately 800 souls optimal.

Heavy Cruiser - At a shade under seven hundred metres in length, these potent warships are the smallest vessels to feature laser weaponry as standard. Their prow mounted laser-lance batteries are capable of stripping away the shields of other vessels, allowing the Cruiser to inflict tremendous damage with follow up broadsides from its mass accelerators and torpedo launchers.
Usage - The Titan Expedition, Earth Remnants and Sol-Tec make use of Heavy Cruisers.
Crew - Approximately 500 souls optimal.

Battlecruiser - The smallest warship to feature defensive shielding, the five hundred and fifty metre Battlecruiser is a comparatively fast vessel designed to harry and cripple larger, less maneuverable vessels with their mass accelerators and torpedo launchers, whilst still having the capability to survive a stand up fight.
Usage - The Titan Expedition, Earth Remnants, Court of Mars and Sol-Tec make use of Battlecruisers.
Crew - Approximately 350 souls optimal.

Destroyer - Designed to act as a heavy escort for larger vessels in dangerous situations, the three hundred metre Destroyer is fitted with enough light mass accelerators and torpedo launchers to prove a significant deterrent to any vessels which might dare attack their charges. Luna Dome Destroyers are significantly more advanced than those of other factions, incorporating light shielding and a single laser-lance.
Usage - All factions make use of Destroyers.
Crew - Approximately 50 souls optimal.

Gunboat - Significantly faster and more lightly armed than the Destroyer, the fifty metre long Gunboat is intended to serve in squadrons as a defensive screen for other vessels, or in pairs as the escort of a light transport carrying important cargo. Equipped with fairly light armour, paired forward fixed mass accelerators, a second pair of accelerators on a rotating topside turret, and a single torpedo launcher, they rely on their speed to survive battle with anything larger.
Usage - All factions make use of Gunboats.
Crew - 4 souls optimal.

Interceptor - At a mere ten metres in length, the Interceptor is by far the  smallest spacefaring vessel utilised by humanity. Intended as a light escort for shuttles, a scout and a torpedo-interceptor in ship-to-ship conflicts, the Interceptor is extremely fast and agile, but is extremely poorly armoured and equipped with only a single pair of forward fixed mass accelerators.
Usage - All factions make use of Interceptors.
Crew - 1 soul.

Support Starships

Mobile Manufactory Platform - At over two and a half kilometres in length, these titanic vessels are more like mobile shipyards than starships. Incorporating mineral processing facilities, production plants and repair platforms, they serve as forward repair and resupply outposts for fleets, but are entirely unarmed, extremely slow, and rely entirely upon their attendant escorts for defence.  
Usage - The only operational MMP is the Hephaestus used by the Titan Expedition.
Crew - Approximately 2,000 souls optimal.

Mobile Resupply Platform - Smaller versions of the MMP, though still as large as Battleships in their own right, these vessels serve the same purpose as their larger kin and have much the same weaknesses, although they are slightly more maneuverable by dint of their lesser bulk.
Usage - All factions are known to possess MRPs.
Crew - Approximately 1,000 souls optimal.

Cargo Transport - These boxy, two hundred metre long vessels serve as dedicated transports, capable of carrying either large quantities of materials or personnel with equal ease (although in the latter case the cargo are unlikely to have a comfortable ride). Their speed is comparable to that of a Heavy Cruiser which often leaves them vulnerable to attack if left unprotected, though their relatively thick armour means they are able to withstand a reasonable amount of damage.
Usage - All factions use Cargo Transports
Crew - 10 souls optimal.

Courier Ship - Unique to Sol-Tec, these highly advanced vessels are the product of Sol-Tec's extensive trade with Earth, Luna Dome and Mars. Twenty metres long, they possess engines capable of propelling them at speeds beyond that of gunboats, as well as light shielding.
Usage - Only Sol-Tec have access to Courier Ships
Crew - 2 souls optimal.

Personnel Shuttle - Produced by humanity even prior to the construction of Earth's great shipyards, the Personnel Shuttle serves as an effective method of getting small numbers of personnel from one location to another quickly. At just twenty metres long and entirely unarmed and unshielded, they are easy prey if left unescorted in hostile territory.
Usage - All factions use Personnel Shuttles
Crew - 2 souls optimal.
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